“Forty percent of Muslims say they have a college degree or more, compared to the 29 percent of Americans overall. Muslim women in America… are statistically likely as Muslim men to hold college or postgraduate degrees. Muslim women also report monthly household incomes more or nearly equal to men’s, compared to women and men in other faith groups.”

Dr. John Esposito, The Future of Islam

Because we’re oppressed, right?

Because we’re married young and just have babies, right?

Because we’re subjected to a patriarchal faith, right?

Because we’re uneducated, right?


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Earlier generations worked extremely hard to enter Jannah. Yet, at the same time they were the most fearful thinking they would all enter Jahannam.

Nowadays people do nothing to enter Jannah. Yet, at the same time they are the most optimistic thinking they will all enter Jannah.

Do not fool yourselves, Jannah is not something you enter into easily!

“Our train is heading towards death, and we are worried about life.”

Mufti Ismail Menk
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“Supplication (dua) is not about getting one’s desires fulfilled. That’s not the aim, it’s just a consequence. It’s all about entering dialogue with The Beloved.”

Sheykh Farrokh Sekaleshfar  (via thelittlephilosopher)

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“Islam didn’t make it Haram for you to fall in love. It didn’t forbid you from wanting someone. It only guides that love so it protects you, her, your families and especially saves you from humiliation on judgment day. If you love her so much, why are you ok with letting her engage in this questionable relationship knowing full well that she will have to answer Allah just like you will. You don’t love her enough to save her from that?”

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan (via habesheart)

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Allah SWT’s love for us never fails :’)

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